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LFC Tour

LFC Tour 08

From: 12/06/08
To: 19/06/08
Zante II - The sequel

After a blinding visit the year before it was an overwhelming vote to return to the land of Cocktails & Dreams

LFC Tour 07

From: 10/06/07
To: 19/06/07
Zante - First Blood

with the lure of nature and the potential of swimming with turtles we set off to Zante.
The scene being set from the moment we arrived, a family sitting quietly eating pizza were suddenly awash with the contents of the swimming pool - LFC had arrived!

Woo Woo

LFC Tour 09

From: 05/06/09
To: 20/06/09
Possibly the best tour ever put together. 12 of LFC's finest toured Orlando Florida for 14 days playing in a few friendlies and an international tournament OFFICIALLY Sactioned by the FA and FIFA of which
we came runner up. Amazing trip with the usual drunken antics in Universal and Downtown Orlando!!

Oh and we are all now officially best mates with

Pictures to follow!!!!

LFC Tour 10

From: 12/06/10
To: 19/06/12
The 5th Tour in the "dannyh" saga was to the home of the Womble - Sunny Beach lead by our very own Uncle Bulgaria (aka Theo). New venue, new climate,
same outcome - PURE CARNAGE!!

Weather didnt live up to expectations, but neither did the England vs Algeria game!!! From Bear Bait wine for 2 Euros a pop from the street sellers to shot mountains in the bar near crazy golf - this one was manic.

Also gave birth to team DADA, the world first water based, keep ups, with a American football, you couldnt write it!!!! Oh and were now all mates with MC Harvey from so solid crew lol and we nearly
got Michael Kuipers Ex Brighton Ledge to play FROGGER In the airport but after a good look, he decided to swerve it!! Prob the reason he went pro and we didnt!!!

19x Wombles made this one

LFC Tour 12

From: 14/06/12
To: 21/06/12
Another quality tour............ more details to follow.

LFC Tour 14

From: 15/06/14
To: 22/06/14
A third trip to the sunny venue of Laganas, during the World Cup of 2014...enough said!

Photos to follow :) of dodgy tattoos and the usual antics.

LFC Tour '15

From: 01/06/15
To: 08/06/15
The mighty Lindfield Return to Magaluf for the umpteenth time... why oh why do we keep going back - Coz we luv it!

June 2015

LFC Tour '16

LFC Tour '16

From: 11/06/16
To: 15/06/16
With a tight knit crew of 12 - we headed for mainland Spain. An all inclusive venue which kept us in beer and grub for 5 days.
Representatives included, the Old Guard (JC, Mickey & Theo) backed up by Washy, Sav, Rosco, Brownie, Jonno & Better Walsh.
The kittens this year were Garvey, Dolly & Ryno