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Lindfield FC - Founded in 1898
The Swans are one of the longest established amateur adult football clubs in Sussex. We play our football at the Common in the picturesque village of Lindfield and for the 2019/20 season we are running four sides, ranging from the MSFL Premier Division to Division 5 South.

The reformed Fourth Team will act as a Development Squad which will mostly be made up of teenagers (with a few old codgers in and amongst them), and it will provide our young guns with the transition phase needed as they step out of youth football and into seniors. We hope that the welcome addition of the Development side will only enhance our great youth policy which has seen many players between the ages of 16 and 18 play regularly over the years.

Off the pitch we have a very strong and dedicated Committee covering all areas of the club’s playing and non-playing activities. The club also run monthly social events and the annual end of season tour. For the past 20-odd years touring parties have graced football fields from the US to Spain in various tournaments and friendlies, and we are currently on the lookout for a 2020 destination!

We are very privileged to have one of the best club facilities in the area through our relationship with Lindfield Cricket Club. The clubhouse boasts four changing rooms and most importantly a well-stocked and brilliantly run bar.

If you are ever around in Lindfield on a Saturday, stop by the Common and watch the mighty Swans in the green and white shirts.

First Team - Recent History
2018/19 SEASON

MSFL Premier Division - 4th
Montgomery Cup - Quarter-Finalists
Senior Charity Cup - Semi-Finalists
Player's Player - Luke Paskins
Manager's Player - Jon Cunningham
Top Goalscorer - Sam Partridge 15

For the first time since the 2014/15 season the 1st Team ended a campaign without a trophy. To that extent it was a disappointing season but only as the standards have been set at a very high bar. There were however plenty of positives as pretty much all of the squad stayed together, we finished nine points clear of fifth and once again surpassed 100 goals in all competitions for the season.


MSFL Premier Division
Winners: 2007/08, 2009/10, 2016/17, 2017/18
Runners-Up: 2015/16

Montgomery Cup
Winners: 2007/08, 2009/10, 2015/16
Runners-Up: 2008/09, 2017/18

Senior Charity Cup
Winners: 2008/09, 2016/17

Allan Washer Trophy
Winners: 2008/09, 2010/11, 2016/17
Runners-Up: 2017/18, 2018/19

Second Team - Recent History
2018/19 SEASON

MSFL Division 2 South - Winners
Somerville Cup - Runners-Up
Stubbins Cup - Semi-Finalists
Player's Player - Paul Towse
Manager's Player - Ryan Novis
Top Goalscorer - Paul Towse 8

The 2nd Team ended an 11-year wait for a league triumph and secured the Div 2 South title with two games to spare after an incredible 16-match unbeaten run in the league. The 2s superb defensive showings were key as they conceded only 19 goals in 18 league games, and as a result of their success will be playing Division 1 football this year. There was heartbreak in the Somerville Cup final though as they were beaten 2-0 by Holland Sports at Hanbury Park.

Managers Liam Mulvee and Paul Towse have stepped down from their management roles for the 2019/20 season due to their respective family commitments and as a club the very least we can say is thank you and well done on your fantastic achievements! Shaun Chapman has been handed the reins to a very talented squad and will be looking to pick up where Liam and Paul left off.


MSFL Division 2 South
Winners: 2018/19

MSFL Division 4
Winners: 2007/08

Mowatt Cup
Winners: 2012/13

Stubbins Cup
Winners: 2017/18

Somerville Cup
Runners-Up: 2018/19

Junior Charity Cup
Runners-Up: 2009/10

Third Team - Recent History
2018/19 SEASON

MSFL Divison 4 North - 6th
Parsons Cup - Quarter-Finalists
Tester Cup - 2nd Round
Player's Player - Steve Spies
Manager's Player - Kieran Cummins
Top Goalscorer - Dom Reason 15

It's never boring in the 3rd Team, but the 2018/19 season really was a year of unfulfilled promise. Frustratingly they always seemed to save their best performances for the top sides and dropped needless points against the lowly teams. Nevertheless Danny Hoyle and Matt Batchelor have set the foundations for what could be the most exciting season yet for our 3s as new manager Stuart Ridley steps into the fold for 2019/20...


MSFL Division 5
Runners-Up: 2014/15

MSFL Division 6
Runners-Up: 2012/13

MSFL Division 7
Runners-Up: 2007/08

Somerville Cup
Winners: 2014/15

Stratford Cup
Winners: 2014/15
Runners-Up: 2013/14