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Brian Newcombe
Brian Newcombe It is with great regret we announce that Brian passed away in April 2013.

As an LFC life member Brian had been president of the club for a decade or so, overseeing many changes on and off the pitch.

He was often spotted on the touchline on Saturday afternoons with the biggest umbrella in town. A memorial bench was placed on the common during 2014.
Micky Forman
Micky Forman Our current VC joined the Swans in 1988 and quickly established himself as a highly feared and tough-tackling (dirty) midfielder. The Peterhead-born Leeds-fan went on to enjoy a successful spell as 1st Team Manager and led the club to multiple honours during the 00s.

After a number of years in the top job as Chairman Mick recently assumed the Vice-Chairmanship to make time for a peculiar new hobby: refereeing!

A Tour veteran and organiser for many years, Micky now makes a name for himself as part of the post-match provisions team. It is said that the 'Chicken Wing Kitchen King' will take his spicy recipe to the grave.
Rod Farley
Rod Farley Rod joined LFC in black and has contributed two sons to the cause. On the pitch he was one of our regular club referees and enforced the laws of the game the same way he does his secretarial duties - precisely!

Mr Farley will know you've picked up a yellow or red card before you do, and he'll have invoiced you for it too. He has been known to visit player's houses during the working week to collect owes.

More recently found active in the scrap metal department of your local bin.
Martin Theobald
Martin Theobald Theo balances the Chairman gig with his other roles as the Club Welfare Officer and Registrations & Fixtures Secretary. Basically he's a big deal.

'Marty' is the life and soul of Lindfield FC and dedicated years of service as a player before injury took it's toll. Theo's Swan love affair didn't end there though as he has also held various management positions, with his last conquest (in a sporting sense) during the 2012/13 season where he defied the odds to lead the unfancied 2nds to Mowatt Cup glory.

Rumour has it that our beloved Chariman was a quiet individual until the Tour of 2003 corrupted him...
Graham Watson
Graham Watson Graham has recently put pen to paper on a deal that has secured his services for the 19/20 season. His experience and organisation will continue to make him an excellent asset to the club and committee.

Top bloke, great storyteller and as a club we are extremely lucky to have him. When Saturday comes G is the first to arrive at the Common and the last to leave.

He pours a decent pint and is the other half of the Swan post-match food supplies alongside Micky. His speciality dish is the 2 hotdogs in 1 bread roll combo.
Simon Battrum
Simon Battrum Simon (Batts) continues on his month-to-month rolling contract as Treasurer. He reluctantly took the role several years ago and has done a terrific job ever since.

Our Treasurer joined the club at the bar and from that moment he hasn't moved too much, although he did manage the 2nd team for five seasons and guided them from Division 4 to Division 1. It must be said that after a long overdue discussion with his GP he now only drinks two pints of Strongbow on the touchline during a game. The bloke is Lindfield through and through.

John Box
John Box No one knows when Boxy joined LFC and we're not sure he does either. It's great to see Boxy every weekend, coz we know he's made it through another week...

The bar has seen many a Boxy penny and enjoys his banter. A stalwart of the Tea and Pies for many years he has got us through many a cold Saturday afternoon - unless you were playing an away game and there was nothing left by the time you got back to the club.

The Club runs through Boxy's veins and he's known for his contributions at AGMs and thoughts in the club bars.

Graham Jauns
Graham Jauns Elected at the 2013/14 AGM, Jaunsy has taken on the Vice-Presidency in his typically nonchalant style.

Graham has been with the club for as long as anyone can remember and has served as part of many management teams during his time with us. He has also made major contributions off the pitch in sponsoring a number of kits for the club over the years - the most consistent sponsor in LFC history.

The Brian Clough wannabe now enjoys his visits to the Common without managerial pressures and is more often that not found propped up at G Watson's bar.
Lisa Spies
Lisa Spies The better half of the Mr and Mrs Spies partnership, which is quite a feat considering Steve is an absolute legend. Lisa has taken over as social sec this year having pretty much performed the role in an unofficial capacity last season anyway.

We can all look forward to an array of fun and banter at the clubhouse once the season starts, watch this space!


First social of the 2019/20 campaign as we celebrate the official re-opening of the clubhouse. Theme TBC.